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In an effort to improve communication amongst ourselves and facilitate opportunities for members to connect and plan events for the whole group and/or for smaller similar interest groups, including events, outings and get-togethers, please join the NEAMF Facebook Group.

The intention is to ultimately discontinue communication from the really non-existent NEAMF Board via the administrator of the current communication software, Wild Apricot Membership Management. 

We will keep the website which will direct interested parties to the Facebook Group. 

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Ann Schiro, Mary Kilpatrick, Karen Byron, Lisa Johnson and Kristen Conway   

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NEAMF was founded by families like yours in order to support multiracial families of all life circumstances.

Our mission is to provide social opportunities for multiracial families; to share information and expertise; to inform, educate and dispel misinformation; and to celebrate our life choice, affirm its strengths and provide support for dealing with its unique challenges.

Since our inception in 1992, we have grown from a handful of families centered in Newton, to a membership made up of families from all over the greater Boston area. (Eighty-five percent of NEAMF families are from the greater Boston metropolitan area, and about fifteen percent are from other New England states as well as the rest of Massachusetts.) Our families have primarily consisted of: 1, parents who have adopted transracially African-American or Biracial Black/White children and 2, Interracial Black/White unions with Biracial children. Currently, the majority of our children are biracial, multiracial, or multiethnic, including African-American, Hispanic and European-American. A majority of our families (about 65%) are transracially adoptive families, with the rest being interracial unions with children. We have several single parent families and our children's ages range from newborn to high school.

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